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The Cranes

The Story of the Cranes

Check out the photographs above and you’ll find a number of children, high school seniors and families holding beautifully folded origami cranes. Why? The answer may appear simple since we are “Crane Song Photography.” But the reason actually goes much deeper, as a crane represents not only our story but also what we offer our customers.

These values, commitment and loyalty, are at the core of Crane Song Photography.  The relationships we build and foster, along with the service we provide to our customers.

Commitment or Patience, loyalty and relationships

Folding cranes is said to be an ancient Japanese wedding ritual, with future brides diligently folding 1,000 cranes prior to their nuptials — an exercise to develop the patience and commitment required for marriage. Cranes are also symbolic of loyalty and commitment, as this species mates for life, which lasts up to 70 years. At Crane Song Photography, we integrate these values — commitment (or patience), loyalty and relationships — into the services that we provide to our customers.

Hand-folded cranes are created for each photography project we complete; each crane is created by 25 thoughtfully placed folds. Recently I was asked about the significance of folding cranes myself and why we do not outsource it or print the cranes on tissue paper. We could do this, but it would not be the same. Personally folding each crane represents what we do here at Crane Song Photography — the customization, personalization and high-touch experience that we provide — just like what happens to fold each crane.

Quality that lasts generations

Serving customers isn’t just about today’s photography session. It’s also about what we can do in the future. Many of those we serve are repeat customers, calling upon us for all their childrens’ senior photographs and annual family portraits along with the documentation of their special occasions, such as their Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah celebrations.

We fold and give a crane with each event. And interestingly enough, our clients keep them! One client had a bowl full of cranes that were still intact, representing the lasting impressions and quality we strive to achieve.

Portrait materials are carefully selected to ensure the finished product is the highest archival quality available. We aren’t just thinking about this generation; we’re thinking about the next as well. Future generations will enjoy the portraits because the selected material is designed to withstand time.

Cranes are a perfect representation of our commitment to a great experience, quality archival products, and amazing customer service.

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